More Swings for Lola

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some people have begun to notice that it seems like I collect swings for Lola.  Well, there’s no use hiding it.  I am a definitely a little bit swing obsessed, both for Charles and Lola.  If you think Lola has a lot, you should see Charles’s collection.  I just think they are all so adorable!!  Every time I see a new swing, I can’t resist.

Anyway, I added two new swings to Lola’s collection recently!  I REALLY like these two.  They’re both from Big Beaks Bird Toys, a really wonderful Georgia-based toy store owned by a woman named Chris Hembree who hand makes all of her toys in a bird-free environment.  Everything is made to order, so she is very open to custom tweaks on her toys, lucky for us!  She has one swing listed called the “Roller Coaster Swing” that I loved, but I try not to give Lola much in the way of plastic, so she was happy to make an all wood version for me for no extra charge.  It is such a beautiful swing.  It has 1″ thick pine squares (I chose 1″ because Lola usually won’t touch wood this thick, and I want the swing to last), natural and barky wood coins, and supreme cotton rope, all strung on 100% stainless steel wire and hardware.  She loved the custom design so much, in fact, that it is now available on her site!

Lola adores this swing from Big Beaks Bird Toys!

The second swing is a stainless steel ring-style swing covered in supreme cotton rope all around.  She has been having a blast with it!  At first I was unsure about leaving it in her cage because of all of the horror stories I’ve read about toe-catching threads and such, but after observing her play on it, I decided to leave it in cage.  It is made of supreme cotton rope, so rather than unraveling into strings or toe-catching loops, it is simply rips off into puffy fibers and breaks down.  I check it daily but there has never once been any safety hazard with it!

She would NOT sit still because she loves it so much!

My little acrobat!

The bottom line is, I love swings and I love Big Beaks Bird Toys!  I also bought a bunch of their small toys for my mom’s Hahn’s which are equally adorable, well-made, and well-loved.  I highly recommend Big Beaks!

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