Lola’s New Pail

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I used to keep Lola’s foot toys in a stainless steel pail in her cage, but ever since I read on Avian Avenue that one member’s ‘too got stuck in the handle, I’ve been weary about it.  Lola’s hefty little body is the perfect size to get stuck in between the pail and handle of a one quart pail, so I removed the pail and put her foot toys in her wooden toy chest instead.  I adore the chest, but it is a massive pain to clean and disinfect, especially compared to stainless steel, and since Lola has a penchant for perching on the side of it and making the interior her own little toilet bowl, I was getting fed up with the daily scrubbings.  Once again, Grey Feather Toys to the rescue!

Lola's custom side-mount pail

I contacted GFT about Charles’s custom swing and the pail together, actually.  I asked if they could possibly make a side mount pail with no handle so that it would still mount to the cage, but there was no danger of getting stuck.  I truly think GFT went above and beyond on this one.  Not only did they remove the handle, but they also re-welded all of the holes that the removing of the handle left so that there were no beak or toe-catching spots left.  They also installed a completely stainless steel side mount that is very sturdy– it holds all of Lola’s toys, plus her weight as she perches on it.

Lola perched on her pail

Lola has been having a blast with her new foot toy bucket!!  She and I could not be more pleased with the wonderful products and customer service of Grey Feather Toys.

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