Fresh, Delicious Sprouts

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was so pleased to open up my sprouter this morning and find perfect, fresh sprouts!  Usually I don’t have enough time to actually get past the soaking part, or if I do then I oversprout them past their nutritional prime– but today I got it just right.  The majority of the seeds have just 1/4″ tails.  They’re gorgeous!!

My beautiful, healthy sprouts!

A lot of people defend a mostly seed, or seed-based diet by arguing that it can’t be all that bad if it’s what parrots eat in the wild.  Well, for most parrots, this is blatantly untrue.  Most parrots that eat seeds in the wild forage for them in the ground, where they are embedded in the soil.  What does this mean?  Well, soil not only carries moisture but also a TON of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.  The seeds that a parrot would eat in the wild are never dry seed mixes but rather seeds that have already begun germinating through the moisture and nutrient content of the soil.  (Germination is the first step of sprouting.)  Thus, the seeds that parrots eat in the wild are much lower in fat and much higher in nutritional value as they are truly an “alive” food.

Furthermore, even if parrots were eating dry seed mixes in the wild (which they aren’t), that doesn’t mean that we should mimic that at home anyway– also keep in mind that parrots in the wild forage and fly all day long, burning off all of that extra fat and energy.  They’re subject to the elements and need all of the extra nutritional value they can get.  This is not to say that dry seed deserves no place in a captive parrot’s diet– I think that a small amount is perfectly acceptable.  But for my guys it never amounts to more than a maximum of maybe 15-20% of their daily diet (and usually a lot less).  We can do so much better with fresh, live, germinated and sprouted seeds, and I believe I owe it to my parrots to do that.  To me, sprouts are probably the best we can do for our captive birds– I think they are more nutritious than dry seeds, pellets, cooked foods, or anything else.

Lola chowing down on her breakfast of fresh sprouts and veggies

Lola and Charles happily munched away at their breakfasts this morning.  Along with the lovely sprouts, I chopped up some sweet red, orange, and yellow peppers, kale, swiss chard, cooked sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.  And I sprinkled some bee pollen on top!  We had a lovely array of red, orange, yellow, green, and white.  Colorful, stimulating to the senses, delicious, and packed with nutrition!

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