Au Naturale

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

In February 2011 I decided that for Lola’s in cage toys only, I am going to go back to all naturals.  I actually did this originally, when she first came home– all of her toys were un-dyed only– but made the switch just because I liked the pretty colors.  I’ve noticed, however, that she has become more and more obsessed with “dying” her water– dipping her colored wood beads and pieces of colored wood into her water bowl until it turns blue, or pink, or green, or whatever is her fancy that day.  Not only does it look rather startling but I did some research into what exactly is in these dyes and, well, I don’t want her drinking that.  Normally I’d just change it right out but when I’m at work I obviously can’t, so during the day, I want to make sure there is no risk of water full of artificial colors and preservatives.  She’ll still have colored out of cage and supervised toys though 🙂

Anyway I’ve happily been buying lots of natural toy parts for my wood chipper!  Here are some of them:

Birch slices, kiote/agave chunks, and lots of thin wood wafers, all from the Birdsafe Store

Thousands of 5/8" beehive beads, 3/4" beehive beads, 5/8" round wood beads, 3/4" round wood beads, and 5/8" spools, all from Woodworks Ltd.

Actually I’m pretty happy about this decision in terms of price. Now that I don’t care about them being brilliantly colored anymore, I can buy these wooden beads wholesale direct from the manufacturer, Woodworks Ltd., and they are dirt cheap!!  I can buy thousands for what a few hundred might cost me if I wanted them dyed.  I used to never buy more than one or two hundred beehive beads because they were so pricy.  Now they’re a fraction of the price!  They even do free shipping for orders above $75.  It’s great!

My toys might be aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, but Lola seems to love them just as much thus far.  She just loves natural woods. The polly rope also adds a touch of color.  I’ll buy some in other colors to get a bit more color into her toys.  Here’s one I threw together today.

A home-made, natural toy

Charles, by the way, still gets colored toys since he definitely is not a dunker 🙂

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