Toy Parts Storage

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Toy parts storage: the bane of my existence.  Most people that know me also know that I am a big “H-word” when it comes to toy parts.  Between Lola’s obsessions with PPBN wood coins and small colorful wood beads, and all of the rope I need to string in, as well as the quick links and skewers and toy bases and everything else, we have a LOT of toy parts here.  We also have a very small amount of space, which makes for some tricky storage issues.  After a good friend of mine on Avian Avenue posted a great thread about an Ikea storage system she found, I was determined to find a similar one as well.  My space, however, is a bit more difficult to work with: I only have about 10 inches of width.  I also knew I wanted drawers (rather than open baskets), and something stackable as the space if very tall and thin.  I found exactly what I was looking for at the Container Store!

Although there were a few different designs that would actually fit my space pretty well, I settled on the “Small Tint Stacking Drawer” because it was nice and narrow, stackable, not too shallow (and therefore had a reasonable amount of volume per drawer), and very inexpensive.  The best part is, because I’m a teacher, I get a discount!  They come in some wonderful colors, although I’m boring and chose just the plain clear.  Here’s the catalogue photo:

Small Tint Stacking Drawer from the Container Store

I have them set up in my closet now, which once was actually my closet but really is now the bird toy closet.  Too bad for me.  Thirteen stacking drawers later, I’m pretty pleased with the results, as they are very streamlined and offer an easy access and sturdy solution to all my toy parts storage needs.

The photos aren’t terribly interesting but here they are anyway:

The bottom half of my stacking drawers, all full!

And the top half of my stacking drawers, also brimming with toy parts.

So that does it for the toy parts.  For everything else– and trust me, there’s a lot more– I have these lovely natural canvas boxes that do the job quite nicely.  I have about eight or ten of these as well:

Natural Canvas Boxes from the Container Store

I really like these because they come with little paper cards so that you can jot down what’s inside them, but they aren’t visible, which almost makes it look like my closet is actually my closet and not the birds’.  But we all know better.

Here's one of them in use, next to my lovely handheld steamer.

And, that just about covers it!  Drawers for the toy parts, canvas boxes for the actual toys and perches and whatnot.  I still have oodles of things all over the place and everywhere, but I’m working on all that.  Some day I’ll figure it out… then I’ll probably have to move or something.  Oh well!!

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