Review: the Birdsafe Store Perches

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

We are such huge fans of the custom perches by the Birdsafe Store.  The number one reason why I love them the most?  They come with 100% stainless steel hardware, from the washers to the wing nuts to the bolts.  It’s tough, but I am VERY strict about my stainless steel-only rule with my birds.  Every single toy and perch we have must have ONLY stainless steel metals on it– I don’t do galvanized, nickel-plated, or brass at all.  This rule makes it incredibly hard to buy perches.  Not a lot of people realize that almost all perches on the market typically come with galvanized hardware on them.  For example, we are huge fans of Cajeput, but the standard bolt and wingnut on those perches is galvanized.  It makes sense for a lot of people to use them because their birds don’t chew metal or because the metal is only on the outside of the cage, but sometimes I like to put perches on the outside of the cage so that the hardware is inside, and my birds also like to hang out outside their cages where the hardware is exposed anyway, so I have them all replaced.  Thus, we use only stainless steel.

Back to these perches.  Almost all of them come standard with all stainless hardware, and there are so many great types of woods and configurations. Lola’s entire cage is decked out in plenty of Birdsafe Store perches.

An overview of the perches in Lola's cage

Except for the swivel perch on the top right of the cage, all the rest are from the Birdsafe Store!

Lola's favorite ribbonwood double-t perch

Lola’s absolute favorite one is the Ribbonwood Double-T perch.  It’s a perch that can be used on its side or on top of a cage– it’s very versatile!  I love this perch because when it’s on its side, the double bolts make it incredibly sturdy.  For this reason, it is the perch the highest up in Lola’s cage and she roosts on it every night.  The ribbonwood is also very comfortable for her feet.  It is very durable, yet still has some nice strippable bark for her to peel.  We have two of these beautiful perches.

The Birdsafe Store also has some beautiful grapevine wood perches.  I love grapevine wood– its gnarly branches make for some wonderful variation that exercises parrots’ feet and lets them stretch their toes, and it has some great nooks and twigs to chew.  That also makes it very tough to buy though.  Most sites just put up a picture of a generic grapevine perch and you never know what the actual perch you’ll get will look like.  That’s why we especially love the Birdsafe Store!  With them, they put up photos of the actual perch you’re buying, so you’re not taking any chances.  We have three of these beautiful grapevine perches.

Lola's large grapevine wood perch

Lola's medium grapevine wood perch

We highly recommend these beautiful perches.  For the wonderful quality that you are getting– including the 100% stainless steel hardware– I feel that they are very fairly priced.  Although the ribbonwood and grapevine are our favorites, they also have birch, manzanita, and other great natural woods.  Make sure you check them out at the Birdsafe Store!

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