Review: King’s 33 x 25 Aluminum Cage

April 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

I get so very many questions about this cage so I will try to address them all here in my review, but feel free to ask any more you’ve got! This is the very beautiful King’s aluminum cage.  It is the flat top model and its dimensions are 33″ wide by 25″ deep.  The bar spacing is exactly 3/4″ of actual space, and the entire cage body is drilled (not welded).  There are four feeder doors on the lower sides and one removable “door” (with screws, not a swing out) for a nestbox for breeding birds.  There is also a shelf underneath.  It is made of anodized aluminum and is not only incredibly sturdy but also VERY lightweight and easy to maneuver.

I use this cage as Lola’s temporary cage when we are visiting my parents.  It is a teensy bit small for her which is why it is temporary only.  If they made bigger sizes, I would seriously consider it as a permanent cage as I am very pleased with the construction and quality.  I got this cage for a great deal– only $300 (normal price is around $600!).  It supposedly will not rust either which is definitely a major plus!  It also comes in flat top and dome top models.

Full view of the King's aluminum cage -- excuse the mess!

View with the door open

Here are some more up close photos for more detail of the locks, doors, and feeders.

Close-up of the cage's locking mechanism, which is spring-loaded and magnetized.

The feeder doors are very easy to open and close.

The upgraded stainless steel bowls, which I strongly recommend.

My one complaint is that for a cage this pricey, it comes with these terrible black plastic feeder bowls, and you have to buy the stainless steel bowls separately.  They also only come in one size, and can only be ordered directly from King’s so as to have the special brackets.  I strongly recommend that anybody considering this cage replace the bowls, as the plastic crocks are awful and belong in the trash.

Otherwise, I am very pleased with this cage and I highly recommend it to anybody with medium-sized conures, the smaller pois, pionus, etc.  Lola and I are quite pleased!

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